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Technical Skills Testing & Assessments

To succeed in a role, the candidates must have the “will” but also possess the “skills” to do the job.

Our technical skills testing is aimed at ensuring that your next hire is “fit” for the role that he/she is being hired for. Unfortunately, relying on a CV or checking references does not always give you a real sense of an applicants capability.

This is where our technical testing services can help. We design tests to assess the applicants capabilities to ensure that they are capable enough to handle the tasks expected of them


If you are hiring for a technical or professional role, it is essential that the potential employee is able to do the job. Imagine hiring a programmer who struggled to code or an accountant who does not know the debits from credits.

Industry professionals develop our tests to quickly establish if the employees have the technical skills to do the job. The tests are taken online, and the results of the shortlisted candidates are shared with the employer along with their relative ranking.

This enables you, the employer to select the most capable employees with confidence knowing that they will be able to do the job from day one.

Coding Test / Assessments


We have an immense repository of coding questions to test most of the coders for your company.

Experienced professionals develop our Online tests. Flexible test dates, duration, and timing. You can also see the detailed results of your test at any time.

Accounting Test / Assessments

With our highly experienced team of accountants, we develop our skills-based testing for candidates in line with the requirements of the role.

We understand and speak the same language as accounting and finance professionals, and can help you to make the recruitment process a success.