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What are Psychometric Assessments?

The term psychometric originates from two Greek words; ‘Psycho’ comes from the word ‘psyche’ which means ‘breath, spirit, soul, mind’ and ‘metry’ comes from the word ‘metria’, which means ‘to measure’. Psychometric assessments are standardized tools that are used to objectively measure abilities, knowledge, personality, motivations, and skills. They help understand individuals and are useful in hypothesizing behaviors and ultimately, their future performance in the workplace or their suitability for a job/career.


The Kamyabi Psychometric Assessment Tools

At Kamyabi Solutions, our assessments are in the form of ability/aptitude assessment, personality assessment, motivation assessment, skills assessment, and situational judgement assessments.

Ability/Aptitude Assessment

The Kamyabi (Kabliyat, Zehniyat, Salahiyat) assessment measures cognitive and mental performances such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and abstract reasoning.

  1. Verbal Reasoning:
    This is used to test reading and writing ability and can include vocabulary, spelling ability, comprehension, grammar, etc.
  2. Numerical Reasoning:
    This is used to measure numerical knowledge and achievement.
  3. Abstract Reasoning:
    This is used to measure an individual’s use of cognitive operations to solve novel and abstract problems by applying logic.

Personality Assessment

The Kamyabi Pehchaan index is used to identify an individual’s characteristics/style and personality traits.

Motivation Assessment


The Kamyabi Maqsad/Tehreek assessment identifies an individual’s drive or preferences of a work situation.

Skills Assessment

These assessments measure an individual’s ability/performance in key areas such as communication, IT, mechanical and other technical skills.


Situation Judgement Assessments

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These assessments test an individual’s judgement and problem-solving or decision-making skills through their responses on various workplace scenarios.

Why Should Companies Invest In Psychometric Assessments?

More and more companies are investing in psychometric assessments in selection and recruitment and in training and engaging existing employees. Psychometric assessments improve the selection and recruitment process in the following ways:

1️⃣ By matching individuals to the job based on their ability, knowledge, personality, career aspirations, and skills. Psychometric assessments, therefore, help identify an individual’s suitability for a job/career

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2️⃣ By making the recruiting process objective and therefore, more credible. Interviews often only provide a glimpse of a candidate’s potential and resumes/CVs may over- or under- represent candidates whereas, standardized assessments are fair and accurate in their measurement.

3️⃣ By reducing interviewer bias. The objectivity of standardized assessments can help reduce interviewer bias.

4️⃣ Allow employers to tap onto a larger talent pool. Psychometric assessments can be taken remotely and therefore, provide access to a much larger talent pool than ever before.

5️⃣ By reducing costs of recruitment. Psychometric assessments are quick and easy to administer and can save time and money. Moreover, since psychometric assessments help identify employee suitability using a variety of tools, they reduce the costs associated with unsuccessful hiring decisions.

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