Navigating Trauma-For Teachers and Learners

The world around us is constantly evolving. New-age teach advancements and global trends set the pace how quickly we all have to adapt and keep ourselves relevant to the modern world. These changes are subtle at sometimes, transitioning into our space slowly but surely. And sometimes these changes are so powerful that they change the entire dynamics of our everyday lives.

These changes have an impact on all of us. Regardless of where we live, which profession we associate with, we all are influenced by these factors. In recent years the global pandemic of Covid, failing economies, climate related calamities and war-zones played havoc in the lives of so many. In such testing times, more than ever, we need trained teaching professionals in our educational institutes.

For those who are associated with education, must familiarise themselves with the concepts like empathy and effective communication with young adults to help them heal from the difficult situations they have faced and what trauma responses will actually work towards building a healthy community at schools, where children from all backgrounds are welcomed and made to feel a part of the community at large.

If you are considering such professional developmental courses, many world renowned universities are offering online courses. One such course is being offered by Harvard School of Education. For more details, please check: www.gse.harvard.edu

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