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Learn To Say No!

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In addition to all the advice, ideas and tools that we provide you with to achieve Kamyabi in your life, there is one more tool that must be added to your kit. In theory, this is a rather simple concept; but quite difficult in practice. It is the art of saying “No”, or “Nahin”. Like it or not most of us have difficulty in saying No.

You may be wondering why you need to learn this concept but believe me it will be worthwhile. Let’s start by practicing it – say it out loud, yell and scream it if you like

“NO! NO! NO!”

ou may be wondering why you need to learn this concept but believe me it will be worthwhile. Let’s start by practicing it – say it out loud, yell and scream it if you like – “NO! NO! NO!”

Now, let’s talk about why it is so important to be able to say “No” and, more importantly, to whom or what we are planning to say “No” to.

If you have clearly defined life goals and  objectives then anything that detracts you from those should not be pursued. Just say NO! or even No thanks! Regardless of how great the opportunity may appear at first sight.

In life, you will suffer many setbacks, difficulties and challenges, not to mention rejections and disappointments. If you treat these as learning opportunities and simply pick yourself up and go on, you will be more successful than you can imagine.

Don’t let these things get you down, for every night is followed by a day. The success or failures in your life will often be the result of your ability to say NO ; so say “No” to failure and celebrate success and what it brings your way.

Say “No” to:

  • Feeling down
  • Rejection and disappointment
  • Failure – celebrate success
  • Friends who drain your energy and make unreasonable demands
  • Difficult people
  • Feeling helpless
  • Blaming others – take responsibility for your own actions

Remember your life is in your own hands, only you can make things happen.

So, say YES to success and abundance and all the good things life brings your way.

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