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Inspiring Success Story of 14 years old Entrepreneur

Success Story An Interview With 14 years Old Entrepreneur

Success Story: An Interview With 14 Years Old Entrepreneur

Mayah Esam Khattak, a 14-year-old, is a young entrepreneur and content creator at YouTube. She worked her way into being self-taught in stop-motion animation and reached over 100,000 subscribers in less than a year, securing her silver play creator’s award.

ME Kay YouTube Channel

To me, success is like choosing a path you want to take and seeing it through till the end, with all the highs and lows included.

It was just a random video that popped up in my recommendations, and it seemed pretty different than the regular videos I saw. It was animated n got my attention immediately. I followed some more videos and later decided I wanted to pursue this.

Once I launched my channel, the pressure to create regular n unique content was exhausting. I had to spend hours figuring out the plot twists and characters, and keeping up with my studies was quite a struggle. Luckily I was home-schooled then, so the flexibility of schedules helped.

To be honest, it’s a mixed-emotion thing. I feel proud that I have made an early start, yet it’s also funny when all my school fellows are more interested than I am in the things I can buy for myself! I have a bank account and will soon be a tax filer too. I would love to travel the world and invest wisely.

I invest much of myself, my time, and my energies in engaging with my followers. Even the tiny bits of hi and hellos are answered as I want them to feel valued and that their feedback matters to me.

Life on the internet can be tricky and misleading at times. People make assumptions about you without going through the troubles of getting their facts right. Sometimes people are not who they present themselves as. One should be mindful of these things as they can affect your mental health.

I would love to graduate with various animations and maybe join any animation company or create one of my own. Who knows? I should be good if I have the creative freedom to imagine.

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