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Are you struggling to hire the right talent in Pakistan?

Kamyabi online platform helps employers solve their recruitment issues by selecting prospective employees after a comprehensive range of testing which includes personality profiling, technical and skills-based testing.

70% of The Hiring Around The World is Done Using Personality Testing

Some of the companies that use psychometric testing in their recruitment process include:

What is Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric testing is a scientifically validated personality test to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

When it comes to hiring, employers want to make sure they’re getting the best possible candidates. But how can you be sure that a candidate is a good fit for the job, the team, and the company culture?

Psychometric testing can help.

Psychometric tests are designed to measure a candidate’s cognitive abilities, personality traits, and work-related skills. They help employers to decide if the person will be a good fit for the position before they make the final decision.

One of the most important things to consider when hiring is whether a candidate is a good fit for your company culture.

Psychometric testing can help you to identify candidates who share your company’s values and who are more likely to be successful in your company’s environment.

For example, if your company is a fast-paced, results-oriented environment, psychometric testing can help you to identify candidates who are motivated by challenges and who are able to work independently and under pressure.

Psychometric testing can help you to make better hiring decisions by providing you with more information about a candidate’s skills, abilities, and personality traits. This information can help you to assess a candidate’s potential for success in the role and to make a more informed hiring decision.

For example, if you’re hiring for a sales position, psychometric testing can help you to identify candidates who have the natural sales ability and who are motivated by commission.

Do you know the real cost of hiring a wrong person?

Ensure success by choosing our comprehensive recruitment solution that includes:

We use a scientifically validated personality tests to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. This helps us to identify the candidates who are the best fit for your company culture and who are most likely to be successful in the role.

We also offer a variety of skills-based tests to assess the technical skills of each candidate. This helps us to ensure that the candidates have the skills and knowledge necessary to do the job.

We match the candidates with your job description and company culture to identify the best fit for your company.

Save time and money with our automated recruitment process.

  • Our website can help you to save time and money by automating the recruitment process.

  • We will match your job description with our database of candidates and select the best fit for your company. This can save you hours of time and thousands of rupees in recruitment costs.

Easy to use, accessible from anywhere.

Experience the ease and flexibility of our Online Testing Service.

Simplify your assessment process and provide your employees or applicants with a convenient way to showcase their knowledge and skills.

Sign up today and revolutionize the way you conduct tests.

The risks of not conducting skills-based testing.

  • Hiring candidates who do not have the skills and knowledge necessary to do the job.
  • Missing out on qualified candidates.
  • Wasting time and money on unqualified candidates.

Watch what Kamyabi can do for you!

Simply create an account, upload your job description, and we will do the rest. We will match your job description with our database of candidates and select the best fit for your company.