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Hiring Office Staff

For Employers

Finding the Right Person for the role

The recruitment practices in Pakistan have not evolved. To find and eventually recruit a candidate the employers are still adopting the old-fashioned approach to recruitment. The process normally involves placing an advertisement on a job site or in a newspaper and then waiting for the applications to arrive. This leads to hundreds of random CVs filling up the employer’s inbox.

Shortlisting, interviewing, and then selecting a candidate turns into a herculean task. The process is both time-consuming, flawed, and full of risks. Hiring the wrong person can cause a lot of harm to an organisation and needs to be avoided if at all possible.

After all having a good CV does not ensure the candidate actually possesses the requisite skills and knowledge for the role. After you have gone through hundreds of CVs, short-listed and interviewed many people, and eventually settled on one candidate, you can hope that you have the right person and they deliver. Often despite having the technical skills, the employee may not have the right behavioural skills or be a good fit for your organisation.

Here at Kamyabi, we employ an automated competency-based methodology to identify the most suitable candidates for you thus taking the guesswork and risk out of the hiring process.

After all, it’s difficult to judge potential from just a CV!

It’s time to rethink your recruitment process!

How does the Kamyabi process work?


As part of our premium service, we work closely with you to map the competencies required for the role that you are recruiting for and through a range of automated tools, launch an automated recruitment and selection process.

As applicants apply for the role they are put through a series of psychometric and skills-based assessments which lead to a shortlist of the most suitable applicants for the role.

Our process saves you an enormous amount of time and not only takes the hassle out of the recruitment process but also increases the chances of a successful hire.