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Find the Right Job

We help qualified job seekers by assessing their suitability for the jobs and ensuring that they are the right fit for the positions that you wish to apply for.

For those of you who wish to achieve success in your professional lives, we develop a “Tailored Development Plan” so as to plug any gaps identified in your technical or soft skills during our assessment process.


Our aim is simple, to help you achieve Kamyabi in your career!

In recent times, it has become increasingly apparent that a large proportion of the Pakistani workforce does not have the requisite skill set to be totally effective in their professions/jobs and therefore struggle to progress in their professional lives.

This causes frustration and disappointment for the professionals who want to progress, but don’t always know where to turn for guidance and support.

We understand that employers are always keen to recruit employees who possess the entire skill set. This includes not just technical skills but also communication, presentation, management, and other relevant skills.

The knowledge gap is most apparent in professions such as IT, Accounting and Finance, and the Hospitality sectors.

The Kamyabi platform has been established to bridge the gap between employers and prospective employees.

The platform aims to better prepare potential candidates for career progression through training and development and will provide employers with more appropriately skilled employees through a dedicated recruitment process that saves them time and effort.

We help the job seekers by assessing their suitability through forms of behavioural and skills testing and then provide them with a “Tailored Development Plan”.

These plans consist of E-learning and Face to Face Modules training programmes.

We provide the prospective employees with accreditations/certifications wherever possible through international and local organisations.

Kamyabi Employability Scale

Wondering if you have what it takes to get the next job? Do you think you are ready to climb the corporate ladder?

Kamyabi Employability Scale or KES helps gives you a quick assessment of how you are likely to stack up against the competition.

Video Resume

We understand that employers are pressed for time and the interview process is extremely time-consuming.

For employers, Kamyabi’s video resume is a great way to get to know the candidates before you invite them to a formal interview.

For candidates, it is an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents to prospective employers in a short video.

We provide the outline, the format, and the guidelines for the video resume to ensure consistency and ensure added value for the employers and the candidates.