Avengers fanfiction peter accent tony, At first their relationship i Avengers fanfiction peter accent tony, At first their relationship is just a casual good time. That didn't help. Far too caught up in the opinions of others for their own good. In this one, Tony is not Peter's biological father. But, who knows, maybe Tony may eventually warm up to him. By: WanderlustAndLost. Two: He The Avengers find an orphaned Peter Parker at an Oscorp Research Facility, and after they help each other escape, Tony decides it's probably a good idea to take him home and Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Black Widow/Natasha R. At least- until the men came. They just have to do it the long way around. was lying on the floor, unconscious, and the bots all simultaneously collapsed next to him. Basically, Cooper is 8, Lila is 7 and Nathaniel is under a year old. "Oh my. The other three forced Tony's head to the table. Chapter one super family. “But I have to go. As he buries himself in his work to avoid the trauma, a new member of staff at Avengers Tower, Holly Lewis, swoops into his life. "That was a fun game, Parker. Wanting to know what they were keeping from him, he sneaks into the tower after overhearing Tony talking about a meeting that no one told The Lonely By: 55artix. Tony doesn't understand what's happening to himself, but Steve does. That made Tony laugh. When Tony finds out why, he's disgusted. Tony after hearing that looked at him and he smirked. This is a collection of drabbles and one shots of Avengers (including Spider-Man) as family. Includes all of Peter Parker & Tony Stark Peter Parker Tony Stark Matthew Ellis Various Classmates Thaddeus Ross May Parker (Spider-Man) Steve Rogers Natasha Romanov (Marvel) Tony had his back to Peter, fiddling with a few wires on one of his thrusters. Tony got a bit agitated, "Peter, now's the time to prove to your old man that you're alright. Shy Tony. I'm Peter By The Way Chapter 1: Living Room, an avengers fanfic | FanFiction. There 23 Sep 2020 Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Michelle Jones/Peter Parker Peter Parker & Tony Stark Peter Parker & Steve Rogers Peter Parker & Steve Rogers Tony didn't hesitate a moment, pausing only to kiss his mother goodnight and wave goodbye to his father, who was too absorbed in business to pay any attention. Peter Parker is Bucky Barnes's Biological Child. However, Steve Rogers won't stop bugging him to make time travel. He is to forget himself, his personality, and dull himself down to conform to Peter Parker & Tony Stark; James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers; Peter Parker & Natasha Romanov; Peter Parker & Pepper Potts; Peter Parker & Avengers Peter knows how to speak a lot of different languages and his dad, Tony, is really proud of him. And, at night he has a double identity as a famous Iron Man / Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark Loki OC (Own Character) Spider-Man / Peter Parker Winter Soldier / James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes. Aunt May had a boyfriend named Henry who abused Peter, until May died and Tony took Peter in. This story is full of family and friendship love, angst and hurt/comfort. Shuri asked looking at the notes Peter had been making for some homemade inventions of his. He fought off a terrorist crime ring in this shirt. Words: 2,323. The rest of the Avengers just sighed and went back to doing what they were doing before. One Shot for now, may develop over time. He's in a baseball cap with sunglasses on, wearing dark clothing and obviously making an attempt to hide his presence here, but he's here. Happy only grumbled fondly in response before lifting the glass divider and separating the two in the car. There was water pooling on what he thought was the ground, ankle deep, but completely dry. She had floundered to get up and dressed for work. After bringing everyone back and proving that the Avengers are useless, he hopes to relax with his emotionally adopted son, Peter and biological daughter Morgan. [Story written for kittkattomnomnom on tumblr] Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Iron Man/Tony S. Normally Peter's doesn't mind. Part 48 of We Forgot Peter. Disclaimer: I do not own the Avengers. )) Peter Parker is Tony Stark's Biological Child. Together, they'd take over the world. Experiment-wise, Peter had a good time helping out his Dad. And stop breaking the fourth wall damn it! Language: English. “Mm. "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. GPL by the OTW. When they try to thank him, for any of it, he waves it off and then disappears. 5K 69. " Peter muttered, fighting back the saliva pooling into his mouth over and over again. One pointed a gun at Clint before grabbing the archer's neck to throw him onto the white floor. " Ned bit his lip, not convinced. For some weird reason, - no, Rhodey, it ISN'T fatherly instincts - Tony had gotten himself attached to the kid. Chapters: 1/1. ”. Warnings/Tags: Canon Divergence -AoU, Not Canon Compliant, Domestic Avengers, Not CACW Compliant. , Hawkeye/Clint B. During team bonding, such as meals or movie nights, he keeps a distance, usually hidden behind a steaming Follow/Fav Avengers Assemble! But watch out for Mrs Stark! By: HarryPotterNerd1997. " He pressed his hand to his head as he met Tony's eyes. Peter saves tony. They rushed into the room, all the while speaking in a hurriedly way. May's day had been a hectic mess from the very beginning. 9. Steve climbed up the tree that Peter had gotten stuck in the other day, hoping no one would think he would go there. Got Skills-z. Avengers. With the children's ages, I worked around the ages of the actors during AOU, which was quite difficult. Peter moaned and writhed when Tony began leaving hickeys and love bites on his neck. Peter wanted to change the world. Summary: Tony Stark has too many tricks up his sleeve. Post NWH, Peter keeps his distance from everyone, believing his friends are safer without him. Peter is not coming up. If I Remember You by breebaqbooks. Nayla Stark die Tochter von Tony Stark arbeitet für Bruce Banner als Assistentin. When he isn't swinging through the city, he's spending time with Tony Stark who wants to get to know him. The man opened up his home to them as if it was nothing, provides for them and updates there gear and weapons. Tony had a concussion, Peter a few cracked ribs. However this time he plans He was trapped, so were his friends, and he knew it "No one speak," He had a strong German accent "Switch, they won't get anything, Nicht kultivierte amerikanische A collection of one-shots (mainly based around Peter and Tony), but I'm open to suggestions. Some may branch out into their own stories and what not. He works really hard on it and even gets Mr Stark to look it over and beta test it, so he’s pretty confident that he’ll get a great score on his project. Peter is still underwater. , Captain America/Steve R. But Peter doesn't mind. Based after the funeral of Tony Stark, Peter Parker has stopped being Spider-Man and decided to be a normal teen and May is worried about him so she contacts Pepper and asked for help but instead, Wanda Minor Swearing. But, Tony wants to know how it went and FaceTimes Peter before he can finish his presentation. Peter is forced to Marry Tony and bear his children; falsely believing they were randomly paired. The Aftermath Hard-headed-woman. Please don't read if that's a problem for you. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Words: 2,964 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 118 - Follows: 100 - Published: Dec 29, 2017 - id: 12778133. They would end conversations when he walks in the room or give each other certain looks when they thought he wasn’t looking. Set just after Spider Man Homecoming. His eyes went wide behind his glasses and he stepped away from the bed, hitting a call button on the wall. . Peter ran a hand over the back of his neck, which was no longer prickling, and nodded. When the doctors had finally let them alone for a minute, giving them a chance to breathe, Tony moved from his bed to sit on Peter's. - Words: 8,784 - Reviews: 82 - Favs: 584 - Follows: 108 - Published: May 21, 2012 - Status: Complete - id: Once peter got to school his headache only got worse. You're the one Tony brought to Berlin. Tony was I read this hc that Tony has a British accent because he was practically raised by Jarvis and Peggy, and I couldn't help but imagine None of the other Avengers really questions Tony was, of course, napping on the couch in his lab. Behind her is The kid groaned a bit as he rolled his head against the pillow but he did not fully wake up. Peter gave a nod and Shuri answered "well I am the tech genius of the Wakanda Royal Family; I could give you help if you want. Peter is forgotten on the battlefield that was once the Compound and the Avengers forgot in the chaos of trying to save Tony. " Sixteen year old Peter Parker grimaced as his SAT book fell flat on his face. They had walked into the office an hour after Peter walked into his first class like they were on a mission. 5K 1. Bei Protector and Guardian By: Radiant Arabian Nights. -The Avengers is a group that stops bullying and promotes a bully-free school, and Tony Stark is a 15-year-old boy who has a reputation and is targeted and judged by them. "No, I'm fine. Then they all began to walk toward their transports to take them out of the war zone. Unbeknownst to Peter, however, the people he left behind are suffering in his absence. But the longer they’re a family—the more Peter opens up—themore he hears Tony murmuring to his bots in rapid Italian, or call Maggie cucciola as he strokes her fur, or Peter Parker & Tony Stark Pepper Potts/Tony Stark James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Tony Stark Peter Parker Tony Stark Pepper Potts James "Rhodey" Rhodes Happy Hogan Bruce The Avengers sat watching TV in Avengers Tower. Language: English. He then continued his actions until he reached the shirt collar. He's never seen someone as selfish as the ex-Avengers in his life, wanting to Chapter One: May. Each to their own is her philosophy. When those closest to him slowly regain their memories, Peter finally realizes that both Peter Parker and Spider-man can have their The Paralysed 《An Avenger Fanfic For once, Peter actually has to help Tony with a project, so he's going to have to miss school. Tony. Steve grabbed his arm and pulled, catching Tony's head before it could hit the ground. Tony has a heart. ” muttered Peter. " Tony blinked the by taco2525 This fic is based around the above post I saw on Instagram. " Shuri asked and Peter grinned as they began working together on them after Peter put away his Spider-Man suit first. " Peter immediately protests to the man's comment, "I'm Spider- Man. "Jesus, Steve. "I'm not a child. But Tony invented a new element in this shirt. Turns out that things might just have changed while they were gone. He knew better, now, and he was going to make sure Peter knew too. World of Consequences By: FlowerOwl. When his teacher announces that they're going on a field trip to Avengers Tower, or SI, he's going to have to attempt to survive a day of embarrassment and keeping a secret identity. That kid was tough. " In which even after death, Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff still have the chance to save the universe thanks to six colorful chunks of stone. The battle is over, and the war is won; but what happens after? There is more to Tony Stark than meets the eye, and his part in the battle affects more people than everyone seems to realize. Suddenly Peter banged his locker with his fist in frustration, resting his head on it in defeat with a small thud. He has an agenda that no one seems to be able to predict. It involves Peter being kidnapped and the rest of the Avengers being subsequently kidnapped, and lots of Irondad feels iirc. " He emphasizes the "man" part heavily and receives Avengers. When the doors opened, it was four Latino looking men with large guns. Walking into the principal's office, Pepper, Tony and May sat stoically, staring down Midtown's principal, Jim Morita. The teams wound up being Tony, Peter, and Bruce versus Steve, Natasha, Clint and Thor. What is not known about him at all, is that he had a medical degree. " The warm tenor voice that belonged to one Steve Rogers called from the kitchen, His slightly rounded baby belly hidden slightly by his pink apron. So he does the most obvious thing a petty and bitchy househusband such as himself would do. But he also takes in three kids. He has an accent, some sort of mix between British and another country Peter can't place. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. He wrinkled his nose. Pepper is standing in front of the table, dressed in a similar manner. James "Rhodey" Rhodes & Tony Stark Friendship. Tony watched Steve, his chest rising and falling softly, his eyes shadowed, hair falling onto his forehead. You're the one that saved my ass when that asshole tried to steal the plane full of tech. [ Peter Parker & Stark Industries / 10 ] Rated: Fiction K - English - Peter Parker & Tony Stark (27907) Pepper Potts/Tony Stark (5645) Aunt May Parker & Peter Parker (3359) Ned Leeds & Peter Parker (2932) Avengers Team Members & Peter's voice called out in the darkness. Tony, Steve, Sam, and Clint love to tease Peter about being cute and cuddly. BAMF Peter Parker. Not precisely what you’re looking for but you might enjoy To Kill a Songbird. The boy's mind was as quick as a whip, easily understanding the ins and outs of whatever he was reading. He was still kicking himself for not having seen the signs Peter's voice sounds shrill with panic, probably embarrassed about having his role-playing game accidentally playing for the whole class to hear. What happens now? Will Tony step up to the challenge of raising kids, fixing the Accords, dealing with Asgardian's, and helping the New Avengers. This wasn't relaxation, wasn't a healthy show of trust in his team. Tony takes in the Barton's and Lang's after the Civil War. Ned and MJ were clearly laughing at him as Peter mad his way up to the front to help out his Dad. - Words: 4,969 - Flash and his friend let go of Peter's hair and shoulders and swim away. Then Peter said something that made Tony's mouth go dry and Peter go red. 351. This story is a separate universe to my "Once Lost Now Found" story. He's not imagining it. You're the kid I" His lip trembled and he looked back at the grave. "You can be the boss, daddy". Death, resurrection, magic, timelinesit was easy to become lost in it all. Tony took notice on the fact that his boy was running late, a Tony kissed the top of the boy’s head. Tony rubbed his eyes wearily and tried to push away useless guilt. Tony Stark is in his school. Tired of hiding away in Wakanda, Steve Rogers and the rest of his team decide that they have waited long enough for Tony to have calmed down. After Steve and Tony have a heart-to-heart Steve realizes that Bucky was right Tony Stark All the eyes in the room turned to Peter and he just about died of embarrassment. Looking at the spider kid who was carefully rewrapping his wounds, Tony sighed ruefully. Follow this witty, sarcastic, smart Peter Parker in his journey to become the best of the best, without doing what the Avengers did, which turned out to be literally nothing. "I need a med team in here now!" Tony's blood ran cold, at Bruce's panic. Due to a misunderstanding, Steve Rogers, the leader of this group, becomes a bully himself. In an AI-assisted challenge to work a "shitty job" and live off of 30,000 USD a year, for a year, Tony might have to enlist some "adulting help" from his new coworkers Peter and Harley. Team Skillz (Steve's team) decided to hide first. His words are spoken so softly that if Peter didn't have enhanced hearing he's not entirely certain he would have heard it properly. "Peter Parker," he stated. Every single noise sent to set his teeth on edge. Stark lifted his gaze at Fury. Finally, they heard a crash from the kitchen and went to investigate. "'Kay. I'm Peter By The Way By: Triscribe. Five times Peter introduced himself to someone at One: He needed love (and lovin') on a regular basis, preferably from Tony, though certainly friends were a good substitute (though, of course, not in the lovin' department). He wanted to fix it and save it and protect it and he couldn't do any of that if he was shy and still trapped in his own skin. "You're Peter Parker. Chapter 1. Teenagers worry too much about that sort of thing, Monica thinks. "Oof. As a junior he should be studying and focusing on his SAT especially since he lost months thanks to Thanos. Peter doesn't normally fight, so Steve and Tony are at a loss. They made a bunch of things explode and the class seemed to have a good time. Peter gets suspended from school for fighting, but he refuses to talk to his dads and tell them why. otwarchive v0. It's not easy being a vigilante in a city that distrusts him, thanks to the Avengers. So, all the heroes gathered together at the compound for an awkward meet-n-greet. "Peter! Breakfast is ready. Breakfast hadn't even been a thought as she stepped down into the subway just in time to get on the train. The Avengers have just defeated the chitauri and have gathered to be debriefed by Fury, only to be interrupted by a woman. When they finally arrived at Peter, You're Suspended By: GryffindorGyrl1997. After the events of The Battle of New York (The Avengers) Tony Stark/Iron Man finds himself lost in nightmares. But “Hey Happy!” Peter said. He briefly turned around to ask Peter to hand over a tool from the bench next to the kid. He's actually the only one who knows how to help, and Tony depends on the Capsicle to guide him through these moments of pain. “Next time, just tell J you want me and I will be the one to come to you, okay?” the engineer asked his son, as he was rocking him back and forth. Peter can’t shake the feeling that the Avengers are keeping something from him. ((Basically, just a self-indulgent humour fic to hold me off and keep me sane until FFH and A4 come out. It helped that when May Parker found out about her nephew’s extra-curricular activities, she marched up to the Avengers Compound and made Tony swear on her grave that he’d look out for he asked cautiously. He took out his phone electing to read fanfiction during the two hour journey. CHAPTER 1: Two months had passed since the Vulture incident, and despite Peter declining an official role on the Avengers, he and Tony had kept in touch. To the Avengers, Stark was an enigma. Then, Clint saw a wallet lying on the floor. The young brunette boy came bounding down In a universe in which James Rhodes is Iron Man and Tony Stark is his mostly stay at home husband (and Pepper Potts' trophy boyfriend), Tony finds out that Rhodey's team includes a hot tall blonde and a short handsome genius. After the Snap, Peter Parker had opened his eyes to find himself in a red, hazy, completely empty place. He became the best superhero in the world in this shirt. Peter Parker. One being Peter who lost his Aunt. Kid could hold up a whole They split up into teams, trying to make it as fair as possible. The Devil's Greatest Trick By: WritersBlock039. " Ned feels like banging their heads to the edge of the pool until the water is red but his mind is occupied by a horrifying reality. A few years ago, he had become lost in it all. Peter and Tony meet for the first time when they get trapped in an elevator together. So they do what they have to do to get the chance to talk to him. Midtown didn't know what was coming for them. Don't sue me for copyright as this is for entertainment purposes. Peter Parker is Steve Rogers's Biological Child. WHY DIDN'T MJ AND NED TELL HIM THAT THEIR ENTIRE SCHOOL WAS COMING TO SI spiderson; mçu; tonystark +17 more # 8. Known Issues. Tony hauled the lizard into the sky and let his mind drift. His friend is not moving. TW: Discussions of past sexual abuse and bullying. Tony Stark is Good With Kids. " Peter slowly winked his eye open, groaning pathetically, "Oh god, dad. There was a comfortable silence and then their was a loud CRACK and a British accent screaming It was on ao3, and the title was something poetic if I remember correctly. He was simply too exhausted to stay awake. Her alarm had failed to go off, but her nephew had been a sweet heart and woke her up on time anyway. "You're Welcome to my first Avengers fanfic and I hope you enjoy it. Once peter walked into the building the lights felt like they were blinding him. Straight Tony gets mad. The fictional plot of the following Spider-Man leapt into the air and swung around a corner. "Peter!" Aunt May shouted from the kitchen; "You're going to be late for school!" Peter has been living at Avengers Tower for 2 years, known to the workers and Avengers as Peter Parker-Stark-Rogers. Established TS/JR, Tony/Rhodey. Infantilism. People forget that this was the guy who earned 6 PhD's and graduated from MIT at age 17 in not only the degrees of mechanical engineering but biology also. It's hard to have an overprotective parent, and harder to have an overprotective parent and be a super-hero, and Much Much Much harder to have THREE overprotective parents and be a teenage Until Bruce started pressing on Peter's chest and stomach, frowning deeply, before peeling back the kids suit. If you’re searching further, I would recommend filtering by the tags “Kidnapped Peter” and “Identity Reveal. 57. Lives with his aunt in their tiny apartment. 15 year old kid from Queens, New York. It starts out as an absolute disaster as the boy just won’t shut up. He pulled out of the lot and driving onto the familiar highway that led to the new Avengers Compound. 16. Set around 2015 but Tony was wary of the idea at first, saying that he'd have to run it by Spider-Man first; but the boy was pretty excited with the idea of officially meeting the rest of his heroes and agreed immediately. So it's basically the original Avengers from first film still working together, and Tony recruiting Peter simply because he was impressed with his skills. As he enters her world, however, he discovers a The Avengers are a team again after the events of Civil War, and SHIELD still exists to assist them. “Gotta say, it was a great meeting. God, his head hurt. Who just happens to be Tony Stark's wife! Say what! A one shot, that can be read as a stand alone, that happens six months or so since my last Iron In an argument, Pepper says that she’ll “fucking marry” Tony if he actually learns how his minimum-wage interns live. Peter sat up, grimacing as he did so, until Tony lay a hand on his shoulder and he fell back. Chapter One. Peter's jaw falls and he jerks his head up quickly, hardly daring to breathe. It extended for as far as he could see. Quite frankly, Peter Parker was brilliant.

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