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Kamyabi – Your Pathways to Success: An overview

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Welcome to Kamyabi

We are the one stop shop for employers and employees. We help to bridge the gap between those seeking new opportunities and the employers looking for the best candidates. We take the hassle out of recruitment for employers and help employees progress in their careers. Through the use of our proprietary tools, we ensure that we match the right candidates with the right jobs. Our unique AI based systems will test the employees based on a competency framework that is developed in collaboration with the employers as well as assessing them through a range of behavioural assessments.

 Kamyabi is a Pakistani site but with international connections.

 We aim to add value to the employers/employees through sharing of relevant information and providing ideas and advice with a truly local perspective but a global mindset. Pakistani employers will benefit immensely from our service offerings as we take the hassle out of recruitment and increase the chances of finding the right person for the right job, first time around.


The Science Behind Kamyabi

science behind kamyabi

The recruitment industry in Pakistan has failed to evolve in the past 10 years. The most dramatic change in recent times has been the introduction of the online portals. So, now instead of advertising a position in a newspaper, you put the job on a portal. Then you are bombarded with CVs. Your inbox is flooded within minutes. The worst part is that most of the CVs are not relevant. Not only do you have hundreds of CVs, which could take hours if not days to sort out, many of the CVs are much like a work of fiction, there is no way of determining what is fact and what is fiction.

This is where Kamyabi can help.

What if we screened all the candidates, tested their skills, assessed if their personality profile was a fit for the role and presented you with only the most suitable candidates to interview?

Kamyabi’s process not only tests for technical skills but also uses our unique personality profiling system to assess their suitability. A combination of Artificial Intelligence, Skills based tests designed by experts and well researched psychometric tools developed by our team of psychologists take the guess work out of recruitment and increases your chances of hiring the most suitable person for the role.

Vision & Philosophy

For any country to progress, it needs to have a highly skilled and capable workforce. Kamyabi aims to equip Pakistani professionals with the skills and networks to achieve success in their careers.


We help employers and employees find the right match.


We help candidates find the best opportunities that suit their skills and personality and also guide them towards professional development programs that will help them to fast track their careers.

We help employers find the best candidates for the role. Best in terms of skills and the most suited in terms of personality.

Our platform is open to all and provides an equal opportunity for those seeking to enhance their future. The employers that we work with are all expected to have a non-discriminatory approach to recruitment.