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We are the One Stop Portal For Employers, Employees, and Freelancers

We are the one-stop shop for recruiters, employers, and candidates. We help to bridge the gap between those seeking work opportunities and those looking for the best people. Be it a full-time position, a part-time role, or a project. Kamyabi is the right place to find the best talent.


How it works?

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Testing and Assessments

We are taking care of the tedious work for organizations!


Soft Skills Testing

Soft Skills Testing covers the following:

  1. Psychometric Assessments
  2. Personality Test
  3. Communication Skills Tests
  4. Motivation Test
  5. Aptitude Test
  6. Behavioural Test
  7. Situational Judgement Test

Technical Skills Testing

Our team of industry professionals develop tests to quickly establish if the employees meets the standards and criteria for the job.

Technical Tests include:

  1. Coding Test
  2. Accounting Test

Transforming the Hiring Process

Hiring the wrong people is the fastest way to undermine a sustainable business.

Our unique recruitment process will take the hassle, stress and worry out of recruitment for you. Whether you want to hire regular-staff, remote staff, or a project team, we’ll find the right person or team for you!


Online Interviews and Video CVs

Whether you are looking for a permanent employee, a contract employee or a freelancer to provide a specific service, Kamyabi platform will enable you to schedule an online interview. Our unique Video Resume gives you a quick insight into the employee, their strengths and aspirations.


Find the Right Job

The human talent is your most important tool. We help qualified job seekers by assessing their suitability and ensuring that they are the right fit for the positions that you wish to apply for.


Our aim is simple, to help you achieve Kamyabi in your career! Check if you have what it takes to get your dream job.

Professional Development and Certifications


Our aim is to help you improve your skills and capabilities that will lead to progression in your career and help you fast track the ladder of success. We can provide you access to technical training including certifications, soft skills training and guide you towards the best available programs for your professional development.

Kamyabi Employability Scale


Kamyabi Employability Scale or KES helps and gives you a quick assessment of how you are likely to stack up against the competition. We also provide tips and advice on how you can improve your KES. 

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